Village of Granisle


The perfect starting point for your exploration on Babine Lake.

Offering scenic lakeside sites.

A lakeside village with lots to explore.

The perfect starting point for your exploration on Babine Lake.

Cultural Activities

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Museums, spawning channels, reserves, historic sites and more await your discovery here in Granisle. Contact the the Village of Granisle office or the Visitor Centre at 250 697 2428 for more information on the following attractions.

Visit the Museum/Visitor Center

The Visitor Centre sits at the entrance of our beautiful village and is open from mid May to September 7 days a week 9:00am to 5:00pm. The visitor centre is also home to the Granisle Museum presenting local artifacts and history. A Mammoth discovery in June 1971 was made when a mining operation in Granisle stumbled upon a very significantgrave. In fact it was a 34000-year-old bones of a Columbia Mamoth, one of the largest mammoth species to have ever lived. Scientists and workers who attended the dig say several mammoths' bones were unearthed, however the prohibitive cost of a  full-scale excavation led to decision by the mining operations to rebury all but one mammoth skeleton. The mammoth skeleton is now housed at Canada's National Museum of Natural Sciences. Replicas casts of the leg bones and a vertebra of the original are visible at Granisle's Visitor Centre and Museum. The museum also has a large mining display with artifacts and fossils.

Fulton River Spawning Channels

Fulton River has the world's largest manmade spawning channels, and from late summer to early fall the water blushes with spawning salmon - delighting all salmon-lovers, including bears, eagles and humans. Babine Lake also has cutthroat, steelhead, char, rainbow trout as well as do coho salmon, Burbot (ling cod), lake and mountain whitefish. Visitors can view the Pinkut Creek and Fulton River hatcheries channels. The fish counting fence improves viewing opportunities.

First Nation Petroglyphs & Indianhead Rock

The First Nations' petroglyphs (Indian rock face carvings) accessible by boat are on the cliffs at Babine Lake, almost directly opposite the Pinkut Creek spawning channel.

Millionare's Pool

It got its name when a gentlemen working at the fisheries many years ago use to bring wealthy Americans up to fish in the area, there was always an abundance of fish in the pool. Millionaire's pool is just below the beautiful Fulton Falls.

Tachet Reserve

The Fulton River flows into Babine Lake south of Granisle, just north of the Babine Nation community of Tachet Reserve. The modern village of Tachet Landing has a satellite band office and approximately 130 permanent residents. Old Fort Babine is a village inhabited by Lake Babine First Nation people on the north side of Babine Lake near Granisle.

Old Fort Babine Historic Site

Old Fort is very isolated and the only way to get to it is by boat or float plane. Most residents only spend 2 to 4 weeks a year there during fishing season. The village has a church which was built in 1898 and is a landmark on Babine Lake. It is currently not in use as it needs a lot of renovations.


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